New warrants reveal more details in Dwyer's disappearance

CREATED Jan 22, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- More unsealed search warrants in the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer indicate the police focus is squarely on Kris Zocco.

Dwyer's mother reported the 27 year-old missing on October 12th when she didn't show up for work at Lululemon in the Third Ward.
Police say Zocco described his relationship with Dwyer as "friends with benefits." Zocco told authorities the two spent the last night she was seen at his Prospect Avenue high-rise apartment. Police say he told them the two did drugs and had sex.
The unsealed warrants indicated police searched Zocco's Audi 10 days after Dwyer disappeared.
Inside, they found a Lululemon bag, which contained missing victim flyers.
Investigators also collected samples of hair from his car, one of those hairs was found on an air freshener located in the trunk. 
Surveillance video showed Dwyer and Zocco entering Zocco's apartment building, but the video never showed Dwyer leaving. 
A K-9 searched the building and smelled human remains in several areas, including outside Zocco's apartment, where he parked his car, and in two trash rooms.
Milwaukee police searched a nearby landfill and say although they did find potential evidence, they did not find Dwyer.
Kris Zocco, has not been charged in any way related to the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer. But when police searched his home, they say they found drugs and child pornography. After Zocco was arrested on drug and child porn charges, he was later released on $250,000 bond.