New laws in effect to combat domestic violence

CREATED Apr 16, 2014

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"I’m very excited today.  It’s a good day,” said Elvin Daniel, a man who lost his sister in a domestic abuse-related murder.

For Daniel, there are good days and bad.  Wednesday’s bill signing gives him hope that his sister Zina’s legacy will live on. She along with two others were killed by Zina’s estranged husband, Radcliffe Haughton during a shooting at the Azana Salon in October 2012. 

Zina had called police multiple times on her husband.

“Zina was full of goodness and some good will come out of her death,” Daniel said.

Governor Scott Walker signed into law three bills that he hopes will put an end to domestic abuse.  The new laws help law enforcement take away abuser’s guns, track non-arrests, and help inform victims about their options.

“This legislation will offer more tools so the system doesn’t fail victims of domestic abuse who are seeking to get restraining orders, who are seeking to get protections, to make it easier from the criminal justice system to take away firearms to make sure those individuals are safe,” Walker said.

Daniel is proud of the new laws, calling them an accomplishment.

“I believe it will save lives by having the law in place.”