New law will let Marquette form independent police force

CREATED Apr 14, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - "I'm excited by it, and I strongly support it," said Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.

It was three years ago when Chisholm explained he could not move forward with sexual assault charges because Marquette Public Safety had failed to report the incidents to Milwaukee Police in a timely fashion.
Chisholm is applauding a new law that would allow the university's public safety office to transition into a full-fledged police department.
"We think that actually becoming a certified law enforcement agency would remove any ambiguity for situations like that," Chisholm said.
"What we would be looking at if we move in this direction would be efficiency.  We do a lot already, we have a lot of resources, not only on campus here, but in the surrounding neighborhood," said Marquette's Public Safety Interim Associate Director, Paul Mascari.
Right now public safety officers have to call Milwaukee police for help with many calls.  If the university transitions into a police department, university officers would investigate calls on-campus and hopefully give students more protection.
"It's about efficiency and about us serving them better," Mascari said.