New Fish ID app available as fishing season opens in Wisconsin

CREATED May 2, 2014

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MADISON -- The fishing season starts this weekend in Wisconsin, and of course, there's an app for that.

Wisconsin Sea Grant designed the Fish ID application with help from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Limnology.

People can search by fish name, similar fish in the family or physical features, like shape, distinctive features, pattern and type of fins, mouth, scales, spine, tail or coloring.

"Maybe you've pulled up something and it turns out to be an invasive species. I think that's a topic that people are becoming increasingly familiar with, like round gobies or sea lampreys," said Moira Harrington, Communications Manager for Wisconsin Sea Grant.

Even if you can identify all 174 species of fish in Wisconsin's lakes and rivers, the app can be fun.

"It can be great to pull up this whole gallery of fish and scroll through and say, 'yes, I've caught that one or I'd like to catch this one this year.'"

You can download the app here.