New Bucks owner: 'It's going to take us time' to build a winner

CREATED Jun 23, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 23, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- It's not exactly welcome news for impatient Bucks fans, but at least there's optimism.

Marc Lasry, one of the two new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, vowed to change the culture of the team and build a consistent winner within the next five years.
"I grew up with Lew Alcindor and Oscar Robertson," Lasry told an audience at a Rotary Club breakfast. "To me, you have to bring back the glory and the vast majority of people will come back."
Yet, he made the point that the Bucks need to get going immediately on winning and not wait for a 1st round draft pick to heal from injury - why they're apparently not taking the injured Joel Embiid with the second selection on Thursday night.

"It's hard to take Embiid," said Lasry.

"I think he's a phenomenal individual but with the injury and not knowing how severe and how long it will take him to recover.. I think for us today, we're going to want to take someone who's going to help us on day one, so I think a lot of it is going to depend on what Cleveland does and then the other part is who contacts us and sort of different things that we're hearing for that draft pick."

In a wide ranging talk, Lasry joked about fans' recommendations for the upcoming draft and how his daughter, Sophie, really wants to be the new face of the franchise.

Still, he frequently jumped back to business and talk of a new arena.
"We would like to have public support," Lasry said. "That's how we're going to build it. There are no other alternatives. People ask, 'What happens when' - but we can't look at it that way."
Lasry bought the Bucks along with his business partner, Wes Edens, for more than $550 million.