Neighborhood concerned over sex offenders set to gain more freedoms

CREATED Mar 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - He's one of the most notorious sex offenders in the state, and he's about to get his first taste of freedom in years.

The plan to let Shawn Schulpius leave his home unsupervised is making people on the south side angry. But that anger and concern really won't change a thing. 

There is no mistaking the emotions that run strong in this south side community -- equal measures anger and fear.

It's directed at a house on their block -- and the two sex offenders who live in it.

"We would like to know what their schedule is, if they're going to be allowed to walk around the neighborhood 5 times in a day," says Lisa Breitarch.

Edwin West and Shawn Schulpius have lived here on supervised release for a year. Next month -- they are eligible for the next level of their freedom, including occasional unsupervised trips outside.

For all they complain -- the community seems to realize it can't change that plan.

"This has already happened to you and your community and your property values and your safety are already taken from you," explains Rob Reynolds, a neighbor. "And now you get to vent and nothing ever changes."

So for one hour a year -- a patient team of state and local authorities listens as the neighborhood unloads, knowing their responses may never be enough.

"I hope we provided as many answers to the community that we could," says Jason Cram, from the Department of Health Services.