Nearly two dozen gang members busted in Milwaukee

CREATED Jun 17, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Almost two dozen gang members were busted in Milwaukee.  The investigation has been going on for months.

Milwaukee police don't want a repeat of last year's violent summer and they are confident these arrests will make a difference, but neighbors aren't as certain.  Robert Johnson's family has lived in this neighborhood for 50 years, and he's used to the violence.  He doesn't think the latest round of arrests will make a difference.
"Actually?  No. They have 20 more with guns right behind it," said Robert Johnson III.
As a part of a joint task force about 200 officers from the FBI and the Milwaukee Police Department swarmed areas near 29th Street from Center to Auer and served 7 search warrants and arrested nearly 20 people.
"I don't hope I know it's going to have a significant impact," said Captain Thomas Stigler.
The joint task force began last October after a rash of violence in the city.  In the past 8 months the group has made more than 50 arrests, served 20 search warrants and the recovered more than 30 weapons.
"Let me give fair warning to other organized crime crews out there that this is just the beginning.  We've already started work on the next crew we're going to take off the street of Milwaukee," said Milwaukee Assistant Police Chief Kurt Liebold.
The most concerning to the officers was a handful of stolen bullet-proof vests that were also recovered.
"It's scary.  It's scary to think there are criminals out there with vests better than we have on," Stigler said.
While officers are confident, neighbors need more convincing.
"There's still a lot of crazy people out there and there's still a lot of guns out there.  You keep doing what you're doing.  Until these people get jobs and got something better to do, they'll keep robbing and acting stupid," Johnson said.