NWS offers tips on when and where severe weather could show up

CREATED Apr 21, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Severe weather can pop up anywhere, but the National Weather Service says there are a few guidelines worth watching.

For starters, meteorologist Denny Van Cleve says storms tend to be more severe the farther south you go.
"They certainly are possible in the north, but if you look at climatalogical tracks, they're certainly more common in the south than in the north," he says.
Severe weather will generally be the biggest concern starting in late May or early June and running through most of the summer months, tapering off gradually towards fall.
When we're in-season, Van Cleve says weather can pop up at any time, but there are certainly patterns of severe weather based on time of day.
As temperatures rise throughout the day, severe weather becomes a bigger risk, but that's not a hard and fast rule.
"Some set-ups don't need daytime heating to keep going. They can be driven by other aspects of a storm system," says Van Cleve.