Mystery driver behind road rage rollover still at large

CREATED Aug 13, 2014

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OAK CREEK - The mystery driver behind a road rage rollover in Oak Creek still hasn't been found.

Police have released the calls for help to a 911 operator by one of the passengers in the crushed car. 
It happened on Highway 32 South of Puetz Rd. last week.
"He started coming up real close behind us and started speeding up." The terrified girl told the operator.
"As soon as he passed us, he swiped the side of the car and we spun out."
Their car rolled several times before landing up side down in a ditch.
Police say the investigation is still underway.
The man who left the scene of the accident may have been driving a Ford F-350 truck.  
The teens say it was either dark blue or black and had off road lights on the roof.
Detectives say the truck may have white paint and damage to the passenger side.
Anyone with information should call Police.