Mukwonago family escapes house fire

CREATED May 12, 2014

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MUKWONAGO --  A Mukwonago family escaped after their house caught fire early Monday.

It started around 1 a.m. near Highway I.

Mary Fenner lived in that house for 22 years. She raised her children there. It’s the only home they've ever known.

"It’s all material stuff. God is with us. It’s going to be all right," she said.

She tells TODAY’S TMJ4 her son saved the day. He woke everyone up, and they ran as fast as they could.  

“It was huge! And then you heard the windows all cracking and the guns! The ammo going off and then more and more and the windows bursting and popping!" Fenner said.  

The home is a loss.

“You look at a place you've lived for 22 years and loved so much go up in smoke. It really brings back home what's important in your life. And it's not that," Fenner said.  

Fenner said called her older sister Sandy Jahns, to tell her they made it out. Sandy drove from Greendale to Mukwonago, still gripped with fear until she finally saw them.  

“They're okay, they're okay. And then when I got there and saw that, I just fell apart because it was so real," Jahns said.  

Monday, the family is starting from scratch. They’ll be shopping for a few things thing to get them through the next couple of days.