Mount Pleasant girl attacked by pit bull

CREATED Mar 4, 2014

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MOUNT PLEASANT - A Mount Pleasant girl is okay after she was attacked by a five-month-old pit bull that got loose. Selena Trujillo is a little shaken up. She says the dog bit her 4 or 5 times.

She was walking her friend home when it happened.

Nine year old Selena has a faint mark on her cheek from where the pit bull scratched her.

“It just came from out of the 2 houses and just jumped on me,” remembers Trujillo. “I had to fall. At that time I was really scared because I know he’s really mean.”

When she tried to get up, she says the dog bit her on her head. Neighbors nearby scared the dog away.

“The dog has wandered and it seems to go after kids,” says her mom Rachel Chavez. “Maybe it is playful, I’m not sure. But it’s kind of upsetting because it’s happened several times.”

Chavez says the owner called to apologize, but maintained that her pet was only play-fighting. As for Brutus, he’s at the Humane Society.

No one’s allowed to see the dog because it’s here in quarantine for 10 days. After that, his fate is up in the air.

“The veterinarian will look at the dog and evaluate to make sure it doesn’t have rabies,” says Mt. Pleasant Police Sergeant Eric Relich. “Because that would result in more treatment for the victim.”

After the 10 days, the pit bull will be released to the owner or find a new home outside of Mount Pleasant. The owner got a $124.00 citation.