More women taking the front seat on Harleys

CREATED Aug 29, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 29, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - More women are hopping on Harleys, and they're taking the front seat.

The Summerfest grounds are swarming with everything Harley-Davidson and these days, there's a softer side. More women are taking the reigns and hitting the open road.

"I started out riding on the back of bikes," explains Beth Fendryk. "And eventually figured ‘why do I need a guy’ and got my own."

Beth Fendryk is with the Milwaukee “Chrome Divas” - 32 members strong who want the wind in their hair. So what is it about a Harley that has a new wave of women ready to ride?

"Actually, I think it's a lot of the same things that appeal to men," says Claudia Garber. "It's a sense of freedom and excitement. It's an escape for a lot of people." Garber is the director of women's outreach for Harley-Davidson.

"There was a perception, a fairly negative perception, of what a biker chick is and we're getting past that stereotype."

A new breed of biker who won't settle for the back seat.

SueAnn Pentico: "I think a lot more women want to be not on the back seat. They want to ride. They just want to be free."