More charges filed in locker room hidden camera case

CREATED May 9, 2014 - UPDATED: May 9, 2014

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KENOSHA - More charges were filed Friday against the man accused of hiding cameras in two women's locker rooms.  

The state now added 26 counts of capturing nude images without consent, and it's all right here in this criminal complaint.
Karl Landt's accused of buying multiple cameras and having his girlfriend hide them in lockers at the RecPlex. It reportedly started in January and continued until April when a mom discovered one of the cameras.
"It's significant. I mean, this is the kind of case that impacts people all over. Everybody knows somebody who's been to the RecPlex and it's the kind of intrusion that really causes people to take pause," said Assistant District Attorney Mike Graveley of Kenosha County.
Mike Graveley says the original eleven counts against Landt have turned into a total of 37 now. The case remains open and police have even more video to review.
"So as law enforcement finishes their work on these cases, there will be a possibility for additional bond hearings, initial appearances where new charges will be presented," said Graveley.
So far, Landt has posted $110,000 bond for his freedom and hired a high powered attorney. We spoke by phone to Jonathan Smith who says they knew these additional 26 counts were coming, but to comment right now would be premature.  Landt will be back in court May 28th.