Mom files restraining order against boy accused of bullying her daughter

CREATED May 16, 2014

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE - It won't be an ordinary court hearing next week in Kenosha County. A restraining order has been filed against a five-year-old boy.  A mother filed it, claiming the boy bullied her daughter.

When you think back to when you were in kindergarten, when a boy chased after a girl, it usually meant he liked her. But, what's been going on for the last six weeks at Prairie Lane Elementary has been so harsh, it may make you rethink that.
Students spend recess on a playground at Prairie Lane Elementary, but the playground holds some unfortunate memories for one little girl.
Back on April 16th, that kindergartener told her mom a boy in her class threatened to bring a knife to school, cut her throat and watch her bleed.
The girl's parents called the teacher and principal, but say the bullying didn't stop. Their daughter says her classmate kicked her in the face, threw sand and rocks at her, and she was coming home with scratches.  So, mom went to police. This week, the school sent at email to parents at every grade level.
"It said that there was a severe bullying issue going on at this school," said Yvonne George, a concerned parent.
Kenosha Unified Schools sent us a statement Friday. It says, "KUSD is working directly with the families involved and will continue working with them. Providing a safe learning environment for all students is one of our top priorities," Tanya Ruder, executive director of community partnerships and media relations.
"I'm not real worried about it. I have a kindergartener and he seems ok and it's a good school," said Yvonne George.
Laura Unrein thinks the bullying situation raises a serious question, about what children are exposed to these days.
"It is sad that they are hearing these things from wherever. I hope parents understand that they need to kind of watch what their kids are listening to and watching because things like this now happen," said Unrein.
The parents of the six year old girl right now have a temporary restraining order against the five year old boy. They'll be in court Tuesday to try to make that a more permanent restraining order.