Mitchell International plans ahead to keep travelers safe for severe weather

CREATED Apr 22, 2014

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  • Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Image by Rick Wood

MILWAUKEE -- Mitchell International Airport is a busy place to travel. 

Harold Mester, an airport spokesperson, said the airport can see anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 people through the gates every day. With all of those people, it can be hard enough to keep track of everything on a regular day, let alone during severe weather.
Mester said preparation is key.
"We have a plan in place and our employees have been fully trained on what action they need to take in the event of a weather emergency," Mester said.
That plan includes a 24-hour response system that not only warns travelers about the weather, but also has employees that instruct them where to go. That includes specially designated storm shelters around the airport - but there's other places to stay safe.
"Restrooms, for instance, are safe place, if they aren't near an exterior wall or near glass," Mester said.