Mitchell International baggage claim still a work in progress

CREATED Sep 2, 2014

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One section of Mitchell International Airport's baggage claim should open to the public on Wednesday. The renovated space will feature a new skylight, stainless steel baggage carousels, and generally a cleaner, more open feel.

It's not a moment too soon, because the old area is still a bit of an eyesore.
"I was just commenting to my wife that of all the airports we've been in, Milwaukee is the worst," said one traveler, just arriving from Jacksonville.
"As far as the dirtiness, the darkness, it's just not up to the other standards."
The new claim area will be unveiled in sections between now and August 2015. It should look great when it's finished, but for now, it's causing headaches for travelers, since the renovation work forces all the baggage collection to a smaller number of baggage carousels.
"You just get all the bad luck when you come in and there's about six planes unloading at the same time," said a traveler from Atlanta.
The baggage claim was last renovated in the 1980's, making it well overdue for an update.