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Minor league baseball stadium proposed for 'The Rock'

CREATED Jan 31, 2014

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GREENDALE - We're on the east side of The Rock. The minor league stadium would be built on the west side. But, it's frustrating residents in this neighborhood, just the same.

Joy Draginis-Zingales took time out of her busy day at work because she wants people to know how intrusive The Rock Sports Complex has been on her family.
“I’m concerned for the safety of my children playing in the backyard, the traffic." said Draginis-Zingales.

And she fears, it will only get worse.  Developer Mike Zimmerman's hoping to further develop this land at The Rock. He'd like to see a 7-thousand seat, minor league ballpark, built in time for the Frontier League's 2015 season.

"This facility is completely surrounded by residential. There isn’t anyone who would want their home, their backyard to have a major league, 7,000 seat baseball stadium," said Draginis-Zingales.

She's not alone. We found others in Greendale, just as angry about it.

“I love this area, but it’s being destroyed by the vision that Franklin has to have it all business," said Pam Swanson.

We spoke with the mayor of Franklin on the phone. Tom Taylor said getting a minor league team would be like Christmas for him. He's aware not everyone wants it, but says Franklin has about a thousand questions to address before moving forward. A big issue is money. The stadium could cost $7 million to build and could be at least partly funded through taxpayer dollars.

“I don’t want to see my tax dollars go to build a facility that already has caused me frustration and depreciation of my home," said Draginis-Zingales.

We also spoke with Greendale's village president who expressed concerns, on behalf of residents, about an increase in traffic. It's something they'll be looking at more closely. Developer Zimmerman's touting a more beneficial He claims baseball could add $11 million a year to the local economy.