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Milwaukee woman volunteers as foster grandparent

CREATED Jul 10, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - We often hear how it takes a village to raise a child. If that village has Edwina Matthews, then that child will have a chance to soar.  

Matthews uses a collection of books at Mill Road Library as an arsenal of love. After more than fifty years in the classroom as an MPS teacher, Edwina still has a passion to nurture the young.
She explains, "Just like preaching teaching comes from within, and I say what better place for me to give than to the school system and the children."
Edwina is a Foster Grandparent with the Senior Corps Foster Grandparent program. Veronica Azi Foster Grandparent Coordinator admits, "I feel joy, it feels good to know they enjoy reading, someone to take time with them, to read, just the look on the child's face." 
Edwina gets high marks from parents and kids. Student Serenity Conway smiles as she observes, "She's really really nice!"
Her mother, Candice Conway, explains, "When they see someone else trying and want to help them, it's like, 'Oh I want to go see that person today,' so it's really good!"
Matthews declares, "It makes me feel good! It makes me feel like I've given back to the community." 
Watching Edwina is a reminder that good teaching is like a great book, and sharing knowledge with a child is one of life's biggest joys.  Edwina Matthews exclaims, "Even with me retiring at my age, it makes me feel like I've given and I still have a lot to give!"