Milwaukee police end review of shooting at Children's Hospital

CREATED Jun 5, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 5, 2014

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MILWAUKEE- Before the Fire and Police commission, Assistant Chief Kurt Leibold admits errors were made when his officers attempted to serve a warrant on a man they believed to be armed and dangerous inside Children's Hospital.


"They chose to go into an area which you said is sensitive and I agree, it didn't work out the way they intended it too."

Ashanti Hendricks didn't surrender peacefully but rather tried to escape, leading the officers on a chase that ended with gunfire in the hallway - and the hospital on lockdown.

"In hindsight slowing this thing down and luring this guy out might have been an option. But it is hard to say, police officers have to make split decisions."

The decision to confront Hendricks was never made know to hospital security or the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, until it was too late.

The lack of communication caused confusion on the ground, and because of that, the critical incident review board made a number of recommendations

-Milwaukee Police will now be required to notify the Sheriff's Office whenever a squad responds to a facility within the county grounds.

-Hospital security must also be notified.

-Continued training will be provided in responding to active shooter.

Assistant chief Liebold says these new policies are in effect now.

"It is already working, we already have great communication with the Sheriff's Department. And we make sure the security at all the area hospitals know why we are there."