Milwaukee mother charged with poisoning sons

CREATED Apr 1, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Fallon Thomas answered to charges she tried to kill her two sons on Wednesday.  As she stepped before her son’s paternal family members insisted this tragedy could have been avoided.  Cynthia Bell held back tears as she waited on her grandson, Corlene Higgins’s condition.

“This has been so hard for me. I need to know where he's at. Can I go hold him and make sure he's alright,” said Bell.

The 4-year-old Higgins and his brother were rushed to the hospital last week. Their mother, Thomas, is charged with two counts of first degree attempted homicide. Investigators said Thomas mixed her prescription pills in a tea pot and made her sons drink it.

A criminal complaint said Thomas then called 911 and said she intentionally gave her sons “too much medication” and “was sending her children up to God.

“We tried to tell them that she wasn't sane,” explained Meesha Ray.

Ray is the 4 year-old’s paternal Aunt. Ray insisted there were clear warning signs Thomas’s behavior had changed.

“I could tell she was slowly slipping away. She made comments like my kids and I are going to meet the Lord,” said Ray.

The family believed child protective services check on the boys only once.

“This could have been prevented if they did their job several months ago when I called them,” said Ray.

Ray said Thomas kept the boys away from the family. When family members stopped by she claimed they were not allowed inside. Therefore they had no idea what was going in inside the north side apartment. But Ray said they continued to call protective services.

“I kept asking them to keep checking on my nephew to make sure he's ok and they didn't and that's why we're here today,” explained Ray.

The Department of Children and Families won’t confirm or deny any prior involvement with Thomas’ family. But DCF did tell the I-Team the case is now under review.

Thomas will undergo a mental evaluation. If convicted on the two counts she faces up 60 years in prison.