Milwaukee native, visiting for high school reunion, shot in the face Saturday

CREATED Jun 24, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 24, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The Motleys moved from Milwaukee to Charlotte five years ago to get away from the violence.  Claude came back for his high school reunion and was shot in the face.

Claude Motley’s face is still swollen and sore from being shot in the early hours on Saturday morning.

“Bullet came in through here and came out,” Motley showed the wounds.

Motley argues it’s ironic; his wife has been safe working in Afghanistan since 2008.  He comes back to Milwaukee for one weekend and ends up in the hospital.

“I’m pretty sure this was a robbery carjacking situation and I was going to be the byproduct of whatever happened.”

Motley had just dropped off a friend at 63rd and Capitol Drive when a man with a gun tapped on his window.

“I just punched the gas, and as I was leaving, the guy shot me,” Motley said.

He was able to drive himself to the hospital

“You just know you don’t want to die.  You know you want to see everyone again.”

He couldn’t help but think about his three kids and his wife.

“This is the reason why we moved away from Milwaukee.”

He explains it’s sad he doesn’t feel safe visiting the city he in which he grew up.

“I grew up here, I love this city.  It has issues.  Those issues need to be addressed.”