Two Sheriff's Deputies injured by drunk drivers over the weekend

CREATED Aug 4, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 6, 2014

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  • James Lee Brown Image by Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

MILWAUKEE -- Two Sheriff's Deputies in Southeast Wisconsin were hit by impaired drivers while on the job. Both crashes happened over the weekend -  one in Racine, the other in Milwaukee.

James Brown, 31, was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs early Sunday morning. He crossed three lanes of traffic and struck the squad car of a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy. It happened while the deputy had someone else pulled-over on I-43 South near West Oklahoma.   
The deputy was rushed to the hospital, but will be okay.
A few hours earlier in Racine, a similar scare happened on I-94 near Highway 20. 
Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling says one of his deputies had a woman pulled over for drunk driving, when another drunk driver sideswiped the squad car at a high rate of speed. 
The deputy was not in the car at the time, but his police dog was.  The dog was not injured. Neither was anyone at the scene. 
"We are very lucky that my deputy wasn't standing near his driver's door," Sheriff Schmaling says. "Had he been coming in or out of his car at the time, or anywhere near the side of the car, he would have been killed. There's no doubt about it."
The drunk driver was tracked down and arrested.
Sheriff Schmaling hope these close calls serve as a wake-up call for others.
"We want our visitors and our citizens to enjoy themselves," Sheriff Schmaling says. "Go to the festivals, go to the fair, take in everything that summer has to offer, but we need to do so safely. Pre-plan when you plan to drink."
That means securing a designated driver well in advance, or making sure there is a taxi service or someone you can call when you need to get home after drinking.