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Milwaukee man claims he is victim of 'Knockout Game'

CREATED Dec. 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It's called "The Knockout Game" - thugs walk up to an unsuspecting victim and land a sucker punch.

There have been reports of the unprovoked violence all over the country. 
Now, a Milwaukee man say he was the victim of a similar attack.
Tim Bessette said he was walking near Sherman and Burleigh Monday when a group of teens started harassing him.
One of them punched him in the face breaking his nose and fracturing bones in his face.
Bessette has no doubt this was a case of "The Knockout Game". 
"I watched these clips of this knockout game and I sit there in total amazement, how can somebody be so ruthless and disrespectful." He said.
Police have said this is no game. Instead they're calling it a case of battery.
No suspects in the beating have been arrested.