Milwaukee man charged in fatal hit-and-run

CREATED Dec. 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 3, 2013

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  • Thomas Walker III has been charged with three counts, including hit and run resulting in death.

MILWAUKEE - The father of an 18-month-old girl that was killed in a hit and run says he was devastated when he got the news. He was in court Tuesday, as the suspect in the crash was formally charged.

Thomas Walker seemed to show a lot of remorse for what he did. But witnesses told police he didn’t stop after he ran over the mother and child.

Walker wiped away tears as he entered the courtroom.  Court documents state he was driving a U-Haul and struck Cheyenne Jackson and her daughter, Erieanna Matousek. They were crossing the street and 6th and Hayes last week Wednesday.  Erieanna's father could barely speak after court.

“Hopefully he gets what he gets,” stated Brad Matousek.

Walker stated he didn’t hear or feel anything hit the U-Haul. Another driver caught up to him half a mile away and told him he’d just caused an accident. He said he didn’t believe it.

Thomas Walker told police he was watching the 10:00 news. He saw a story about the accident. That’s when he realized what he did to Erieanna.

His cousin showed up in court, to back him up.

“He didn’t know the first day, he didn’t,” expressed his cousin. “He cried the entire time. I was there. I know. And I will be here every time.”

A witness followed Walker, and tipped off police.  An officer found him at his house – hiding in a crawl space.

“He’s the one who made the call to come and get him. That was his way of turning himself in,” shared his cousin.

His cousin also cried for him. She still loves him.

“I mourn the loss of the baby, and for the mother and the rest of the family,” added the cousin. “I have a 16 month old myself.”

We learned in court that Walker has a lengthy criminal record. According to the criminal complaint, he’s had four convictions for operating while suspended, and his driver’s license was suspended at the time of the accident.