Milwaukee institutions paying big heating bills

CREATED Feb 27, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 27, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Our endless winter is having a huge impact on heating bills.  If you think you bill is high, you've got nothing on the airport. 

Mitchell International's heating bill was $175,000 for January and February. That's up 110% from a year ago.
"I would check for leaks," joked Cynthia Rosenthal, "that's what it sounds like."
In fact, a big renovation project is partly to blame. Plus its door are always opening for travelers.
Taxpayers won't have to pick up the higher costs. The airport will rely on its user fees to help cover the costs.   
The BMO Harris Bradley Center uses steam to stay warm. Two months cost $74,000 up 60% from a year ago.
"I'm glad they have it and not me," said Steve Hilger.
Ironically, the BC has a solution to lower bills.
"People generate heat," said Operations Manager Greg Peterson. "The more people we have in the building the less heat we would have to spend. So we need more people in the building, that's the key." 
City Hall's last two heating bills totaled $42,000, up about 34%.
Discovery World was up 25%, spending $27,000 in two months to keep visitors and the fish warm with innovative ideas.
"We have items from Johnson Controls and Rockwell Automation that run the system and manage it," said Joel Brennan, CEO at Discovery World. "So that at the peak times we are able to make people as comfortable as possible."