Milwaukee gets new FBI leader

CREATED Mar 25, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin has a new top crime fighter.  Robert Shields is now in charge of the FBI's Milwaukee division.

Shields has the skills of a cyber cop. He's good at using computers to find digital crooks and he has an idea that could help local law enforcement.  
"Cyber is definitely a growing concern," said Shields.
The Special Agent in Charge has been on the ground in Milwaukee just a couple of weeks but he is quickly assessing his new assignment.
"I can tell you from our stand point counter terrorism, counter intelligence - cyber are our biggest threats right now that we are going to address."
Cyber crime is a big worry for the FBI nationwide. 
The bureau has launched investigations like Operation Phish Phry and Ghost Click to go after criminals trying to steal access to private information on your home and business computers. 
The FBI even has its own Cyber Most Wanted. Shields believes more can be done on that vast virtual front here.
" When you think of forensics today, we have all type of partners out there with the FBI that are doing forensics. But when you look at a regional computer forensics laboratory, that would be something that would be great if we get that within the state," said Shields.
Shields help set up a computer forensics lab while he was in Chicago. It's a joint effort between the FBI and local law enforcement to chase down terrorism, child porn, fraud and corruption. Shields says it requires a team effort.
"Not only the law enforcement partners but the private partners to understand what they are seeing when it comes to intrusions," said Shields.