Milwaukee couple takes same-sex marriage fight to state Supreme Court

CREATED Apr 18, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A same sex couple from Milwaukee goes right to the state Supreme Court in fighting the ban on gay marriage in Wisconsin.  The women got married in California, but live in Milwaukee.  They say it's time Wisconsin recognizes their commitment, so they filed a lawsuit.

Katherine and Linda Halopka-Ivery had a beautiful California wedding at sunset this past New Year's Eve.  It was a short trip, and then they returned home to Wisconsin.
"This is where we want to have our kids one day. This is where we want to grow old together," said Katherine Halopka-Ivery.
They began to leave their old identities behind, joining credit cards and bank accounts, and then, the house.
"When I initially purchased the house, it was just in my name. So we filled out the paperwork, found out we needed to do like a quick claim deed," said Katherine Halopka-Ivery.
But when Katie said she was adding her wife to the deed, the registrar's office said no. Katie and Linda would first need to file for a domestic partnership. 
"You don't think, when I grow up I can't wait to fall in love so I can have a domestic partner, you think, I can't wait to find the person I love so that I can get married," said Linda Halopka-Ivery.
So the couple has filed suit, bypassing the lower courts. Theirs is going straight to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, and they hope it will impact the entire state.
"I hope that it's more than just us, I mean, I wouldn't say we're people that just want it for me and Linda, it's for everyone here in Wisconsin," said Katherine Halopka-Ivery.
A separate lawsuit challenging the same sex marriage ban is currently pending in federal court in Madison.