Milwaukee considers puppy mill ban

CREATED Apr 22, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Pet stores in Milwaukee may soon be banned from selling dogs that come from puppy mills. One Milwaukee pet store owner tells TODAY'S TMJ4 a proposed puppy mill ban would put her out of business.

If passed, dogs would only be available from reputable dog breeders, rescue groups or the humane society.

Thousands of dogs are adopted every year at the Wisconsin Humane Society.They support the ban.

"I think the legislation does protect consumers and encourages them to think about other alternatives," said Jill Kline at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

The I-Team first uncovered deplorable living conditions at puppy mills or large commercial breeders in 2008. Puppy Haven was one of the biggest in the state that was eventually shut down.

A year later the state passed laws to license and regulate commercial breeders. Now, Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski doesn't want pet stores selling dogs from puppy mills.

"It's a financially driven operation for profit," said the Milwaukee Alderman, "and as a result the treatment of these animals is cruel and harsh and I don't feel that is right."

There are about three or four stores in Milwaukee selling dogs so the proposed ordinance won't have a huge impact but that doesn't mean store owners won't put up a huge fight.

The Tiny Tykes Puppies owner says the propose ban is unfair and doesn't reflect the reputation of good store owners.

"All of our puppies come from these licensed and inspected facilities," said Sherry Turner.  "A five year health warranty is given with each puppy sold."

Pet shops say there can also be uncertainties with the health and history of dogs when adopting. Milwaukee residents can tell city leaders what they think of the proposed ban when it comes up for
debate May 1st.