Brothers who created viral video having a party in Milwaukee

CREATED Oct 31, 2013

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  • Image by Packard Brothers Productions

MILWAUKEE - Two brothers who created a Funny Or Die video, called Pass Me A Beer, are ready to release their next video. This time they will be sharing it with fans from Milwaukee.

Jack and Nick Packard, along with Tim Higgins, have received nearly 900,000 views on their first video which was first posted last year.

They will be hosting a launching event for their new video, Pass Me A Beer 2, at Hotel Foster on North Avenue.

"Last year we produced one of our biggest hits to date, Pass Me A Beer," Nick Packard said. "The video is a montage of trick shot beer passing between two cool dudes. Within a couple months the video netted over 20 Million views on Funny or Die and YouTube, the highest view total for any of single Pabst video in their history.

Watch the video at Funny Or Die.

"With the success of the first video we decided to make another one featuring even crazier trick shot beer passing," Packard continued. "This time instead of backyards and parks we traveled to tourist attractions and landmarks all over the state of Wisconsin. We spent a week on the road finding fun and unique ways to pass an Old Milwaukee beer from one guy to the next. It was an epic trip to say the least."

The event will be held on Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. at Hotel Foster. Register for free tickets here.