Milwaukee Alderman, County Sheriff team up to fight crime

CREATED Apr 23, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - “I’ve had it on my business.  I think it’s a deterrent,” said Betty Grinker.

Grinker has lived in the south side house for decades, and was the first to get a set of cameras as a part of a pilot program called “Alleycat.”

“A lot of negative activity can go on in allies.  Drug dealing, garage break-ins, car thefts, car vandalism,” said Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan.

Private businesses and residents like Grinker have donated enough money to have the cameras installed, along with signs letting the criminals know they are on candid camera. 

Milwaukee Police Department’s District 2 will be able to monitor the cameras at all times.

“Crooks do not like lighting and they don’t like cameras,” said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The goal is to have better lighting and surveillance in areas where police and deputies can’t always be.

“It’s not better than boots on the ground, but it helps if we don’t have the officers here,” Grinker said.

Alderman Donovan explains they are installing the half dozen cameras, and will see how successful the program is.  If it works, more cameras will be installed.