Milwaukee Wal-Mart employees protest wages, retaliation

CREATED Jun 4, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 4, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- A handful of Wal-Mart employees and supporters walked off their jobs and protested in front of a store on Milwaukee's south side Wednesday morning. 

Their list of complaints include low wages, changing schedules and retaliation against workers who speak up.

Angel Perkins has worked for Wal-Mart for more than a year. She said her salary is barely enough to support herself and that she wants to see the minimum wage raised to at least $15.

"Right now it's like paycheck to paycheck,” explains Perkins. “It's not paying my bills. I mean, I can get the bills paid, but it's not enough."

About 20 protesters marched to the doors, chanting in unison: “Who's Wal-Mart? Our Wal-Mart!"

Their list of complaints includes low wages, changing schedules, and retaliation against workers who speak up.

Ikeen Williams worked at Wal-Mart a little over a year. He was fired two weeks ago.

"They was treating me unfairly,” Williams said. “I was getting threatened about my job. They tell me if I didn't do certain things, I would get fired. "

Walmart spokesperson Kory Lundberg said everybody has the right to raise concerns and voice issues.

“We certainly respect that," he said. "And that's what folks are doing. I would just tell you, at Wal-Mart, we listen to our associates. We all listen to our associates every day.

The protesters also passed out fliers to customers in hopes that they’ll talk to the company and raise more awareness about the issues.