MPD again searches building where Kelly Dwyer was last seen

CREATED Mar 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 19, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Investigators were expected back at the east side apartment building where Kelly Dwyer was last seen in October.

Milwaukee police will again search this high rise on Prospect Avenue were Dwyer was last seen with her boyfriend, Kris Zocco, after a night filled with partying.  Police have no new warrants, they're essentially going door to door again, hoping for new information.
She's gone, but not forgotten.  
"And I kept thinking there's no good outcome out of this, there isn't," said Jamie Dombrowski, who lives near Zocco's apartment.
In the five months since surveillance captured Kelly Dwyer walking in, but not leaving her boyfriend's apartment building, Kris Zocco's neighbors have found support in talking about the case to each other.
"The family is very much in our thoughts all the time and as a community in our building, you know, our heart goes out to the family," said Amanda Smolinski who lives in Zocco's building.
Looking for new leads, police emailed Zocco's neighbors, saying detectives planned to canvass the area again.

"We believe we have a sense there may well have been foul play. This has clearly been a difficult case. We've certainly applied an extraordinary array of resources to it," said Chief Ed Flynn.
Searches of a landfill and Zocco's apartment ultimately landed Zocco in court on charges of possessing child porn and drugs.
Now police have also spent considerable time looking through these dumpsters for clues, but Chief Flynn says today's focus is on talking to people who live in the building.
"So we're going back there to see if anybody's had a, uh, to see if there's somebody there that we didn't get last time or if somebody has thought of something they thought was inconsequential but perhaps might have meaning , um, ya know, we're gonna go back and do it again," said Chief Flynn.
We reached out to Tony and Maureen Dwyer, Kelly's parents Wednesday. Neither had heard that police planned to again canvass the building. The Dwyers are just praying this will lead to some answers.