Milwaukee County supervisor surprised by lack of outrage in co-sleeping deaths

CREATED Sep 26, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee County Supervisor was shocked by the lack of reaction he received after he suggested people who kill children while co-sleeping face manslaughter charges.

"I am outraged at the lack of outrage," County Supervisor Mark Borkowski said. "When do we get people's attention?"

Borkowski told WTMJ he'd hoped to start a conversation, but seems to have failed to do so.

"I did not. and have not, heard from one state official. I have not heard from one city official," Borkowski explained. "So as far as stirring things up, I don't think I have accomplished anything."

So far this year, 10 children have died due to co-sleeping in Milwaukee, nine of them under the age of two. Borkowski feels that something needs to be done to stop the deaths.

"I don't want to say that nobody else cares, but the lack of reaction is stunning to me," he said.