Milwaukee County official arrested, accused of misusing funds

CREATED Feb 20, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 20, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee County official is arrested for allegedly using county money for personal projects.

TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson talked to Dennis Dietscher as he walked out of jail Thursday night. 
Dietscher says he can account for every penny. He walked out of jail tonight after being arrested yesterday.
He has not been charged but he is facing serious allegations and didn't seem worried about an investigation that has his name all over it.
Benson: The indication is you used county money to do other projects?
Dietscher: Absolutely not.
Benson: That didn't happen? 
Dietscher: I'm not going to make any more comments.
Investigators want to know if Dietscher used $3,500 dollars from a county project in 2010 to for pay for a tree trimming project at a relative's home.
An informant also tells investigators there are "multiple other instances."
Dietscher: Every penny is accounted for that I've ever dealt with.
Benson: They are serious allegations.
Dietscher: Correct and we will address them seriously with my lawyer.
The County Executive suspended the $77,000 a year safety coordinator. He was also working on the multi-million dollar courthouse fire repair project.
Dietscher supervised lots of county building projects over the years, including the one he just spent the last day and half in.  
"Believe it or not I helped build this building and they run a very good operation," said Dietscher, "everybody should see it once from the inside."
Dietscher was released by the district attorney's office without bail pending further investigation.
TODAY'S TMJ4 is also hearing a second person has been arrested in this case.