Barrett vows to fight judge's ruling on controversial residency rule

CREATED Jan 27, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 27, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - "This is a fight we have to have because it's about the relationship between local government and state government," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

 Mayor Barrett was fired up, a judge decided against the city and upheld the decision to allow city workers to live wherever they want.  He says the city will appeal the decision.
"It's a state decision, so obviously we're willing to appeal it to the State Supreme Court."
The Milwaukee Police Association is one of the groups that filed the lawsuit.  In a statement, the President of the MPA says he, "is confident that this law will ultimately strengthen our community as a whole while affording choice to those men and women who serve this city and would have otherwise been restrained."   
Barrett argues in other cities like Minneapolis, city employees did move out of the city, and it had a negative impact.  He doesn't want a ruling to hurt Milwaukee.
"You see an exodus of employees after these laws are taken off the books.  That is something that has happened. Can we predict exactly what will happen here?  Of course not," Barrett said.
Barrett has a warning for those city employees who have already moved, "Anyone who moves, has to understand we're going to continue to appeal this case.  If we are successful in the end, we will require people as part of the condition of employment to be a resident."