Milwaukee Common Council lifts cap on taxi permits, allowing Uber and Lyft to operate in city

CREATED Jul 22, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 22, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- A new era for transportation in Milwaukee is set to begin.

The Milwaukee Common Council voted to end its limit of taxis allowed in the city.

The Council voted Tuesday morning with unanimous approval, 15-0,  to end its cap of 420 permits. The lift will allow smartphone and app-driven companies like Uber and Lyft to also operate in the city. Permits are now good for two years, not one. However, random inspections will now be mandatory

The ordinance will place guidelines on the ride sharing service drivers like background checks and vehicle inspections. Some of those drivers said are upset because they think sufficient and costs for permits will turn potential drivers away.

If Mayor Tom Barrett signs the measure, the new ordinance will take effect September 1.

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