Miller Park transformed into the world's largest classroom

CREATED Apr 2, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Who says learning needs to be boring?  Over 8,000 students across southeast Wisconsin turned their field trip into a trip to the field.  

Weather Day kicked off with a quiz, pitting the students against each other, and testing their weather knowledge.

One student said," learned that tornadoes that are EF2 happen 10% of the time."  Parents like it because it makes weather understandable and fun for the kids.

Alison Campbell has a child at Walker Elementary School in West Allis.  She says, "I think it's really important to get the kids out of the classroom, can learn different weather patterns, understand what the meteorologists are talking about on the news." 

Afterwards, Weather Day partners, including Discovery World and the Milwaukee Public Museum all contributed to the Weather Day science fair.  

"I like that we get to make like a bottle rocket and learn about weather," one student exclaimed.

The Brewers see it as a way to share Miller Park with the entire community.  President of Baseball Operations Rick Schlesinger adds, "I love seeing all the kids, and I think they have fun.  For some of them, it's maybe the only time of the year they'll come to the game, for others its the first of many trips to Miller Park."