Schools watching wind chills closely

CREATED Dec 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec 11, 2013

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CEDAR GROVE - The wind chill advisory in effect from 6pm Wednesday through 6am Thursday has people talking.  Superintendents are trying to decide whether that's too cold for school.

Here's a reason to keep you eye on your children.  Students at one Cedar Grove-Belgium school came out Wednesday wearing shorts.
"The other day too I saw a kid here wearing shorts and I was like, it's cold; what are they thinking, so," said Kathleen Meinen, parent.
"High school kids, you probably can't get 'em out of the house the way you want, but the younger kids, is who we really worry about," said Steven Shaw, Cedar Grove-Belgium school district superintendent
Superintendents in Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Washington counties are especially concerned with kids who'll be riding the bus Thursday. Buses run on diesel and can have a tough time starting in sub-freezing temps.
Buses transport thousands of students everyday. So they need to be reliable. In Cedar Grove, drivers get in early to be sure the buses start.
"The buses are in better shape than they used to.  They're still cold. They're not a warm place to ride because the doors opening and closing so much and there's so much glass, but it is the safest way to get your kids to school," said Shaw.
Shaw's hoping parents will stick around at bus stops and keep their children in a warm car until the bus arrives.
"People are really resilient. They know how to deal with the weather," said Shaw.
Most superintendents use guideline similar to this one, on dealing with the cold. Typically, unless the windchill's below 30 below, school will be open with an indoor recess.  Frost bite can set in after just ten minutes when the wind chill's 30 below and in just five minutes when it's 48 below.
 "Well generally the school doesn't let them out if it's too cold. But, otherwise, mittens, hats, jackets, scarves," said Melissa Childers, mom.
Superintendents we spoke with hadn't made up their mind yet on whether to close school or delay the opening Thursday, but many like Cedar Grove-Belgium, and Grafton High School said, their doors will be open early in the morning for students who need a warm place to stay before the start of the day.