Mequon woman in England car wreck returns home

CREATED Sep 26, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 26, 2013

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MEQUON - A Mequon woman is back from England after plummeting off a 500 foot cliff. Jane Lukic thought she was going to die after she rolled her car several times. 

"I feel so fortunate," said Lukic. She knows she's a walking miracle.
"How many people crash down a side of a mountain, flip 20 times and live to tell about it?" 
It's still tough to get around nearly a month after her accident. She dislocated her elbow and suffered a concussion in the crash.
"I don't have nightmares but I do relive it."
Lukic was driving a Mercedes rental car down one of the steepest passes in England when a tire blew.
The first people to reach her were Roux Oldfield and his son Liam. By chance, the two just happened to be rock climbing in the area.
"He climbed in the car with me. He held my head. He was with me for an hour and half almost upside down to get my bleeding to stop."
She talked with Roux for the first time by telephone last Sunday.
"We talked for a really long time and it was cathartic for both of us," said Lukic. "It was extremely emotional."
She was eventually rescued by a helicopter with the Royal Air Force, the same type of chopper flown by Prince William. 
So when Jane was in the hospital, the nurses kept asking, "So lovey: 'Did Prince William rescue you? Did you get rescued by a Prince?' I'm like: Oh, I don't know."
It wasn't him, but these days she's just happy be surrounded by her own family.
"This is my recovery team. I've had lots of friends come over but this is my team."
Jane wants to invite Roux and his son to Wisconsin. They've never been to the states.
She still hasn't had a chance to meet them, they've only talked by phone and on Facebook.