Mequon firm discovers 'largest security breach ever'

CREATED Aug 6, 2014

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MEQUON - Alex Holden’s company Hold Security operates from an office building on Port Washington road in Mequon. The local company works to prevent cyber crimes.

The internet firm discovered the massive security breach and spent seven months examining the data. This cyber crime spans more than 400,000 web sites from major to small companies.

“If it gets into another hands on this black market these people can use these credentials to get into any account that has been compromised,” said Holden.

The breach revealed Russian Hackers stole 1.2 billion user names and passwords.

“We don't know what the Russian authority is doing. But Russia is one of those hot beds for cyber crimes because people there are intelligent and they think the crimes will go unpunished because there's no extradition between Russia and U.S,” said Holden.

Internet social media expert, Phil Gerbyshak said there are ways users can protect themselves. He recommends people have a strong password, change the password often at least twice a year and he recommend using a tool called Last Pass. 

“I use a tool called Last Pass for all of my devices that can keep one password and distribute new harder passwords over other websites so I don't have to remember them,” explained Gerbyshak.

And while this latest hack may leave many people to feel they are bound to be a victim, Gerbyshak offers the following advice.

“If I read you my credit card number am I really any safer than putting it on a website that's encrypted and human being never sees unless it gets hacked into, my opinion I'd rather put it on website than give it you,” said Gerbyshak.

While companies are affected by the security breach it appears individuals are likely the most at risk because most people don’t have the security measures in place companies may have.