Menomonee Falls HS making a push for stadium upgrades

CREATED Apr 25, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 25, 2014

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MENOMONEE FALLS – There's still quite a bit of time left before the start of football season.

Folks here in Menomonee Falls are already looking ahead to the Fall.

Administrators at Menomonee Falls High School are pushing for some major upgrades at Schumann Stadium, but they need the public's help.

Athletics and activities director Ryan Anderson wants to remove the traditional grass playing field and replace it with ‘turf.’ Grass, he explained, causes issues during the season.

“If we get rained on, we have one game early on, it's torn up for the rest of the year," Anderson explained.

The school district spends $3,000 each year on watering the playing field. When it’s not being used for football, it’s roped off from the public and other students.

"That is the most underutilized piece of grass that we have, and we're hoping we can open it up to other teams for practices, other community events," Anderson said.

Anderson is spearheading a $1 million push to swap out the field.

He hoped to raise the money by May 1st to have the turf installed in time for the upcoming season.

There’s only one glaring problem. The donation drive is about $700,000 short.

“We're looking for a major corporate sponsor to help us complete this project,” Anderson explained.

The renovations would free up space for other sports on campus, according to the booster club’s capital improvement plan.

A turf surface could better prepare football players for the season ahead of them.

"We're finding more and more of the games that we play on the road are all played on turf,” explained head football coach John Baker.

“Realistically, I think there are maybe two games this year when we're on the road that are going to be on grass. So it would be nice to have the same facilities everyone else is playing on.”

If the school can't come up with the finances to change the field by next week, they'll set their sights on the 2015 season.

If you'd like to help, contact Ryan Anderson. Here’s a link to the school’s website.