Melting and re-freezing creates slick spots around the area

CREATED Jan 12, 2014

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 WHITEFISH BAY -- The melting and refreezing is creating slick spots - and that's leading to a lot of falls.

Quantae Hines has been slipping and sliding the whole day. He’s asking for everyone's help.

"Put plenty of salt on!” pleads Hines. “I don't care if you have some in the kitchen or in the house. Just put some salt on the ground."

Salt was the hot commodity at Ace Hardware. Saturday morning, a semi brought a load in. Now, it's almost gone. There’s just a few bags of salt left. Experts say it'll work down to temperatures five degrees above zero.

"The rock salt, if it gets too cold, it'll just sit there and not do anything," explains Ralph Ignatowski of Ace Hardware.

What they're really running low on are products with calcium chloride. It’s in products like snow melt, and it's selling faster than salt. It will work until fifty below zero.

David Tacke has been salting non-stop. He even fell on the ice! But he's ok.

"I have a little bit of soreness in one or two places, but that's it," laughs Tacke.