Mayor Barrett signs measure allowing pay raises for city employees living in Milwaukee

CREATED Jul 29, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 29, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Mayor Tom Barrett signed a controversial new ordinance Monday.

The ordinance says that if you are a city employee and move out of town, you will not be eligible for the new pay raise scale established in the measure. This new rule comes just weeks after Governor Walker signed a budget that lifted residency restrictions.

The Milwaukee Common Council approved the measure on July 23, in a vote that ended up being 14-1.

The new measure will not affect members of the Milwaukee Police Supervisors' Association, the Milwaukee Police Association or the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association Local 215, the Journal Sentinel reports.

"I felt the city workers had not had a pay raise in so long that just out of decency they deserved a raise," Mayor Barrett told the Journal Sentinel. "I view it as recognizing and giving positive reinforcement for people who live in the city."

The Police Union filed suit earlier this month allowing the new provision in the state budget to be enforced.

The ordinance establishes pay raises for city employees, but leaves those employees who move outside city limits exempt from the raises.