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Mayfair Mall ends piano music in food court

CREATED May 7, 2014

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WAUWATOSA - Some people shopping at a popular local mall have noticed something is missing -the music.

Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa has ended its live piano music at the mall's food court. The tradition goes way back.
Pianist Pat Byrne has been tickling the ivories at the mall for years. He say's he'll miss the joy it brought to customers.
"It was one of the best gigs I've ever had in my entire career, so I was sad to see it go." Byrne said.
He'd like to see a corporate sponsor step up to bring back the music, but admits, he doesn't know if that's an option.
Mayfair's Marketing Manager Brenda Vento issued the following statement:
"As always, Mayfair is committed to the comfort and enjoyment of our customers. We are sorry if these changes disappoint some of our patrons."
Vento didn't say if the live piano music could return in the future.