Mayfair Collection could bring hundreds of jobs

CREATED Jul 24, 2013

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WAUWATOSA - What was an abandoned warehouse, the Mayor of Wauwatosa calls the center of rejuvenation for the area.

"What they want to do is not just tear it down and rebuild, but they are actually recycling and reusing the original buildings because we wanted something that was unique for the area," said Wauwatosa Mayor Kathy Ehley.

So far Dick's Sporting Goods, Ulta and Nordstrom Rack have all signed on to the new Mayfair Collection.  The developer says they are in talks with several other businesses.

"The exciting thing in the long run is that it's the first thing that's been developed that's going to jumpstart that area to get it rejuvenated," Ehley said.

250 construction jobs have already been created, and they estimate there will be 500 permanent and part-time jobs once the building is complete.

"It's really creating a regional destination for shoppers," Ehley said.