Mary Burke releases Wisconsin jobs plan

CREATED Mar 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- We're 7 months away from the election, but jobs and the economy will likely be the top two issues on voter's minds.  Democratic Gubernatorial challenger, Mary Burke released her 5 point plan today to create jobs.  Meanwhile Governor Scott Walker defended the state's job growth in the past three years.

"I brought Gov. Walker's plan from 2010.  This is 4 pages.  I've seen 8th grade term papers that had more work put into them," Burke told an audience at Marquette University.
Burke slammed Governor Walker while introducing her 5 point plan to bring more jobs to the state.  Wile in Clintonville, Walker argued Burke's plan won't work.
"Actions speak louder than words.   You can put out all the plans in the world, but if the actions of the past that have failed us, our policies are the ones that are moving us in the right direction," Walker said. 
Burke contends she will work with Wisconsin companies to bring jobs back to the state.  Republicans countered saying Burke, who's family owns Trek Bicycle, has outsourced hundreds of jobs.
"I'm running for Gov. I'm not the CEO of Trek, but as Gov I'm going to talk to all Wisconsin companies and see if we can find possibilities where we can bring jobs back to WI," Burke said. 
The state has created just over 100,000 jobs since Walker took office, nowhere near the 250-thousand jobs walker pledged to create.  Walker says he set an aggresive jobs goal and stands by it.
"In 2013 we saw the biggest private industry job growth since the 1990's.  It's starting to turn around," Walker said.