Marquette poll: Wisconsin governor's race in a dead heat

CREATED Jul 23, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 23, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- No matter how you look at it, the race for governor is close.  A new Marquette Law School Poll says among likely voters, Mary Burke is leading for the first time with 47% to 46%. Among registered voters, Walker leads 46% to 45%. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

So far two words sum up this election- dead heat. 
When voters were asked in March who they would vote for that day, Scott Walker was out in front with 48 percent. Two months later, the race with Mary Burke was dead even at 46 percent. In July it remains virtually tied, with neither candidate breaking through 50 percent.   
Burke leads with women voters. "People are recognizing the message I have about creating jobs, making sure that we have a better economy based on my business experience is getting through," said Burke.
Married voters favor Walker. "We are proud of our record and if given the opportunity we think not only will Wisconsin be better off than it was four years ago it will be even better four years from now," said Walker.
There is good and bad news for both candidates in the recent poll. For Walker, 54% believe the state is moving in the right direction, but 43% say Wisconsin is lagging other states in job creation.
For Burke, 55% favor raising the minimum wage which she supports but after nearly a year on the campaign trail 46% say they haven't heard enough about her to form an opinion. 
Not in the polling numbers is the current battle over Burke's family owed Trek Bicycle company. Walker questioned the company's decision to outsource jobs to china which pays low wages.
"Particularly the hypocrisy of talking about raising the minimum wage when she herself personally benefits from a company that sends jobs to China," said Walker. 
The Burke camp says Walker is trying to smear a good company for political gain.
"He obviously doesn't understand global business and how and what companies need to compete and just trying to distract from his own poor record," said Burke.