Marine Corps veteran refused entry to Greenfield bar due to neck tattoo

CREATED Jun 11, 2014

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GREENFIELD - Faaea Eichel, was refused entry into Scott E's Pub in Greenfield, because of a tattoo. Now, the Kenosha mother and Marine Corps veteran is fighting back.

The tattoo is of a Polynesian flower, which represents her Hawaiian heritage. The reason Eichel was turned away, was not because of what's tattooed, but rather, where the tattoo is located - on her neck.
The owner of Scott E's Pub says banning people with neck tattoos is part of their dress code policy, and to be fair, it must apply to everyone. 
But, Eichel says that's discrimination. "They are judging people based on an antiquated stereotype that having a neck tattoo means you're a felon or member of a gang. But they know nothing about me. I'm not an ex-convict. I'm a mother and a U.S. veteran. I work just as hard as them. They're putting a label on something they know nothing about."
TMJ4 found others frustrated with the bar's policy on neck tattoos. This was posted on the bar's Facebook page: "Judging people by their appearance is wrong, and I do not tolerate or support any place that shows this behavior towards anyone."