Man who injured deputy in OWI crash sentenced to nine and a half years

CREATED Jul 28, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- The man who caused a violent crash that almost killed a Sheriff’s deputy learned his punishment Monday.

It was a drunk driving accident so violent, it left Deputy Scott Griffin with painful injuries, and unable to return to work.

Dash cam video captured the violent crash back in October. Kevin Hutchins was fleeing deputies. At the last minute, he changes directions and crashes into a median - flipping his car, which then slams into Griffin's car.

"The psychological effects of this incident have been devastating,” said Griffin in court. “The understanding I had of myself, my world, and my place in it were totally destroyed."

He relived the crash all over again as he watched the video in court. He says he feels victimized by his injuries and relentless pain. Griffin still has headaches, memory problems, and chronic back pain.

"In my absolute weakest moments, I contemplated suicide,” admitted Griffin. “I wondered whether my family and I would have been better off if I had died in the crash."

This isn't Hutchins' first drunk driving offense. It’s his third. He was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.

"I’m just completely sorry," apologized Hutchins in court.  “I want to be able to not take a drink, to not smoke marijuana, not do cocaine to try and hide my pain."

Griffin said in court that he doesn't harbor any ill will towards Hutchins.