Man who found Town of Geneva bodies: 'No way' they're intact

CREATED Jun 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 10, 2014

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TOWN OF GENEVA - Dan Sojka is a landscaper in the Town of Geneva. He is no forensics expert by any stretch of the imagination, but by taking a look at the size of the bags he spotted on the side of North Como Road last Thursday, he can't imagine the females inside were in good shape.

"I'd have to say, I mean, I'm just a landscaper so I don't know, but I'm just saying there's no way the body could have been intact. It had to be very decomposed or cut up, or very very small human beings."
Sojka was on the phone with his sister when he spotted what police described as two suitcases. Sojka says they were more like travel-size bags, and they were bulging.
"I was joking around on the phone that I probably got lucky and there's probably a million dollars in there or something. Then when I got close to them there was a ton of flies, they probably had bees swarming around them. I was joking with my sister there is probably something dead in there and I'm not stopping."
Sojka called police who showed up shortly after his call and discovered the bodies inside the suitcases.
Sojka described the two bags, as one pink and one black. 
"The pink one was standing up, and the black one was laying on its side."
Town of Geneva police have released few details about the murders. They have said the victims are female and one was an adult. The other most likely an adult but more tests would be needed to verify.
Sojka says knowing that someone left two females inside bags on the side of the road is downright disturbing.
"Very bizarre. Someone's got some issues."